aroma therapy

sense of smell, not just let us enjoy tasty food, enjoy perfumes, but it also keeps us safe. smell is also associated with memory. it's not just pictures and sounds that bring back memories but smell also triggers our memory area of brain. like other senses aromas have a profound effect on our daily live.fragrance of flowers, good food and ourselves induces positive energy and helps us concentrate. Essential oils not just smell beautiful, but also provide many medicinal benefits. applying on the affected area can provide long term relief. Many essential oils can reduce common cold, head and muscle ache, anxiety and other common health issues. and we at Om strive to bring best quality oils, incense, sage and other aroma therapy products.

ramakrishnananda incense
incense cones
hem incense
amrita essential oils
sun's eye essential and blended oil
incense and cone holder
incense holder
soap stone oil diffuser