welcome to om gifts

Om Gifts is a passion. A passion to spread positive and heartwarming energy all around us.
A passion to bring calm, to come closer to nature, to know ourself, to cherish what we have,
and respect what we are given.
We bring you a unique selection of gifts that nurture happiness and calm. Unique semi precious stones and minerals, beautiful and filled with nature's energies that bring positivity in our lives.
We strive to bring events and services bring positivity and move one step closer to self realization.

One of the most beautiful and complex creations of The Creator are the Humans. Our bodies work at various levels, physical and spiritual. And our wellbeing is contingent upon a sound balance between the two levels. Living a healthy live: healthy eating, exercising, a good sleep all contributes to physical balance. But it is equally important to have a healthy spiritual life, to keep our spiritual energy centers healthy and open. Seven Chakras or wheels of life are our spiritual energy centers. Starting at the bottom of our spine they are located along it till the crown of our head. These seven centers controls every aspect of human life from basic needs to enlightenment and connection with the divine. Keeping the chakras balanced and open greatly improves ones quality of life physically, emotionally and spiritually.